Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kite Beach Master Plan

Fortunately the owners of Kite Beach got together early in the game and purchased the land on both sides of the road. Kite beach is a unique set up as as is the other side of the street. El Choco National Park borders the lagoon properties and provides for fantastic views and nature for the entire family.
By purchasing both sides of the street, the owners are able to control the quality of development, something seriously missing in the adjacent town of Cabarete.
Cabarete ended up being a funky little town with no parking and no consideration to the lagoon side of the street. Kite Beach on the other hand will be one of the finest all round recreational developments in North America. To reserve your beach or lagoon villa contact John now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

These 1000 + sq feet units over look the pool and kite beach.
They sleep 4 comfortably and are perfect for the kiteboarder who can't be here all the time.
to reserve your unit contact John.

This is a great kiteboarder unit...the only thing between you and the beach is the pool. This ground floor unit is perfect for the active. No wonder it sold first.