Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Method Lodge Pre-Construction Phase II

Pre-Construction Method Lodge Phase II

Payment Schedule:
12.5% Down
12.5% Site Work
12.5% Blocked In
12.5% Plumbing & Electric
12.5% Windows
12.5% Finishings
12.5% Walk Through
12.5% Delivery of Title

Unit Pricing:
  Building One 
Studio  111, 112, 113 114 - 410sqft $115,000
 One Bedroom 121 & 122 - 721sq ft $195,000

Building Two
1 x One Bedroom ground floor 211 - 961 sq ft 240,000 (reserved)
Two Bedroom 221, 231, 241 1309 sqft $370,000 - $395,000 - $420,000

Building Three
Two Bedroom Ground Floor 1200 sq ft 311, 312 - $320,000 - $360,000
Two Bedroom Second Floor 1200 sq ft 321, 322 - $370,000 - $410,000 (Reserved)
Two Bedroom Third Floor 1200 Sq ft 331, 332 - $395,000 - $420,000
Two bedroom Forth Floor 1200 sq ft 341, 342 - $420,000 - $460,000

The Project:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SUP Paradise

The Lagoon Side of the Method Lodge is finished and it turned out to be Stand Up Paddle Boarding Paradise! Here is a quick Q&A with John Holzhall, the man behind the Method.

Q. Is the lagoon really as cool as it looks?
A. No, it is much better...and it's huge.

Q. Can you kite in it?
A. It's not a "kite spot"...it's SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) Paradise. There is a canal that runs around and through the lagoon.
Q. How close is it to Kite Beach?
A. It's the back side of kite beach.

Q. Are there any crocodiles?
A. No, nothing dangerous or poisonous.

Q. How long does it take to get around it?
A. It takes me about an hour, we are having a "race around the lagoon" next month so we'll get an official time.

Q. Is it a guided tour?
A. Most trips are not, but when people want to go around the entire lagoon they go with a guide the first time because it's easy to get lost until you know the "doorways."

Q. Has anyone ever got lost?
A. Ya, but no one has ever stayed lost. We know the lagoon well and our search team consists of the areas best fishermen.

Q. Can anyone do it?
A. Pretty much, it is a lot easier than SUP on the ocean...so people get comfortable quickly.

Q. How do people find you?
A. Look for the blue surf shop on Kite Beach (lagoon side of the street) or methodlodge@gmail.com 809-849-2147