Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Top 10 things to be aware of on Kite Beach Cabarete

Top 10 things to be aware of on Kite Beach Cabarete

1. The only place a "normal" person can have a problem is on the Road. *(click here to avoid road problems)
2. Never brush your teeth with tap water. * (click here to avoid the Caribbean Stomach Funk.
3. Very Sexy girls alone in a bar are working.
4. A finger wag is the most effective way to say "no thank you".
5. Cacao, Cigar, Mamajuana, Rent-a-friends, Massage sales people will not stop selling until you give them the finger wave.
6. Cash is king, but don´t "change" money at bars. Change money at Caribe Express,
bring your passport.
7. Paddle Board early, Sunrise is the best.
8. Kite late, Sunset is the best.
9. Two dollars is a good rate when paying kids to pump up and derig your gear
10. Ten dollars an hour is a good rate if you need a kid to rig, launch, bring your kite back up wind.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wave Action Starts for kite Beach Cabarete

Waterman Winter continues

Advanced Waterman Alert...Looks like Wave Riding Action most of next week (March 8th to the 13th). Look for Swell to start hitting manana with a 57 percent chance of strong Westerly Winds Monday at Sunrise. These winds will give way. Tuesday through the Weekend looks solid for Sunrise wave Riding SUP action with a 62% chance of Late Great Kite me for coaching, rentals and tours

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Windy Christmas for Kite Beach Cabarete

Windy, it continues to be windy on Kite Beach Cabarete mainly because of an extremely late season Tropical Low Pressure System spinning off shore of Columbia and Panama. These type Tropical Lows bring 24 wind to Kite Beach Cabarete. They also draw moisture passing to the North back onto the North Shore of the DR. This is why there are so many evening and morning showers. This trend works well for Kiters here on Kite Beach Cabarete, not so nice for SUP and Surf wave riders but really nice for SUP Touring because the cloud cover and scattered rain keep things cool. For Kite and SUP Coaching, Rentals, Lessons and Tours contact me.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wow...loto waves

After 2 1/2 years of solid wind we finally got some Surf and with Surf comes rain...but wow the last years were awesome kite action. Endless down winders with no threat of rain, just strong winds and clear skies...the down side was no waves, we had a drought and the wind blew our beach away. Those days are gone, the rain came and with the rain came a loto surf, big beaches and cooler temps. Now we are back in a Surf mode so look for quality winds 5 days a week with good Surf action 3-5 mornings a week. Moderate cloud cover and ample rain should continue.