Saturday, December 26, 2015

Windy Christmas for Kite Beach Cabarete

Windy, it continues to be windy on Kite Beach Cabarete mainly because of an extremely late season Tropical Low Pressure System spinning off shore of Columbia and Panama. These type Tropical Lows bring 24 wind to Kite Beach Cabarete. They also draw moisture passing to the North back onto the North Shore of the DR. This is why there are so many evening and morning showers. This trend works well for Kiters here on Kite Beach Cabarete, not so nice for SUP and Surf wave riders but really nice for SUP Touring because the cloud cover and scattered rain keep things cool. For Kite and SUP Coaching, Rentals, Lessons and Tours contact me.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wow...loto waves

After 2 1/2 years of solid wind we finally got some Surf and with Surf comes rain...but wow the last years were awesome kite action. Endless down winders with no threat of rain, just strong winds and clear skies...the down side was no waves, we had a drought and the wind blew our beach away. Those days are gone, the rain came and with the rain came a loto surf, big beaches and cooler temps. Now we are back in a Surf mode so look for quality winds 5 days a week with good Surf action 3-5 mornings a week. Moderate cloud cover and ample rain should continue.  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Waterman Rules

Generally Watermen (and Watergirls) are ruled by the Laws of Nature and simple Physics. The reason is because they operate in "Near Shore Waters" on rugged Windward Coasts.  The Appropriate Regulatory Agency almost never have the Time, Money, Desire, Experience or Equipment to patrol World Class Wind and Wave spots.

With that said there are "Guidelines" Watermen should follow. Here is #1

1. Let the Conditions Dictate ride Location, Style and Equipment

Watermen should realize spots like Kite Beach Cabarete have Large Channels and a number of quality Breaks which work perfectly for SUP Wave Riding and Kiting . Beaches like Enquentro don´t have this feature (Large Channels).

So what is Enquentro? Enquentro is a World Class Surf and Advanced Kite Surf Spot!

Kite Beach is a World Class SUP and Kite Spot. The reasons why are obvious to Watermen.  

Enquentro does not really have a "Kite scene" but certainly does have a strong "surf scene".
Kite Beach has a strong "Kite Scene" and a small but growing "SUP Scene" .

As "scene´s" grow guidelines often become rules. Rules generally don´t work because again,  Ocean Athletes operate in Near Shore Waters which are Regulated by Federal Agencies like the Marine Patrol, Coast Guard, Marinia or Army Corps of Eng.. These Federal Agencies don´t have time or resources to deal with a dozen salty´s bitching and moaning about another salty taking their wave. Local authorities simply don´t have the jurisdiction.

So "Rules" almost always lack Enforcement, but it could be a bit irritating to prove this point and it´s not what Watermen spend their time doing. Watermen advance Kite, SUP, Surf and Spearfishing while finding the appropriate spot for the days action.

People on the beach making "Rules" should understand a few basics:
1. Those who are already doing a sport should ALWAYS be "Grandfathered" or "Permitted" to continue riding the Ocean the way they chose and where they chose. To approach a Waterman with a new rule about his sport is actually a "Crime against all Ocean Athletes" and brings much same to the "rule makers".

2. A Lesson is defined by the exchange of money for services. Traditionally the "Art of Wave Riding" and "Ocean Education" is passed from the Father through the generations. So if no "money" is being exchanged no "commercial lesson" is happening.  Again...approaching a Waterman passing on Ocean Culture to his crew is criminal. 

3. Don´t be "that Guy" who banned the "next" Ocean Sport...especially if you have no idea what this next sport is going to be!

For a good fictional read about "Watermen" check out my latest book The Waterman

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kite Beach Cabarete has been lucky this winter, we have had quality Morning Surf with Great Kite Wind coming in late...fortunately this pattern looks like it will hold through next week. Mainly because the Winter Low Pressure Systems are Lifting as they pass through Florida. This action gives Kite Beach Cabarete quality SUP and Kite conditions with out heavy weather and driving rain. Looks like this pattern will continue through next week with the next swell hitting our reef at Sunrise, Sunday Morning. Waves and Whales are here so Let´s Paddle!