Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ladies day SUP Club Sup river, cabarete

Method SUP Club this Thursday is for the Ladies. we start off with a tour through the Tropical Garden and Orchard. Then some SUP action on the Jungle River followed by an Organic Lunch on the river ...$20usd includes, gear, lesson and lunch

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dream SUP and Kite Job

1.1 million usd
A Hostel and a BnB on the National Park Side of the Property and over 50´x 250´ feet of Kite beach Frontage on the beach side of the property is for sale. All 3 properties have individual titles. These properties together make for the ultimate SUP and Kite Resort, with one side of the property on the SUP Lagoon, the other side on the Kite Beach divided by the Beach Road. The Kite and Paddle Board Tours and Schools are set up and jamming on the adjacent property. Those serious about purchasing these property should have:
1. BnB Marketing and Management experience or desire.
2.  Construction Experience
3. Operating income

The BnB and Hostel are complete (new construction) the beach side has a dated 2 story building which is scheduled for demolition or it can be remodeled. 

These properties together can become the Ultimate Paddle Boarding Kite Hotel and a jem for some lucky group or individual.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Method Lodge, Kite beach Cabarete - getting there

Method-Sup Kite Camp Kite Beach Cabarete
Welcome to the Method Lodge, home of the KITEs Method.
All our accommodations are steps from the Kite Beach and the Kite Beach Lagoon/ National Park.
SUP tours and Rentals, Cabarete Dominican Republic
The World Famous Kite Beach Cabarete is only 20 minutes from the (POP) Puerto Plata International Airport. If you are unable to to fly into POP you will most likely fly into Santiago or Santa Domingo. Let me tell ya, these airports are far away and driving in the Dominican Republic is not a good idea. Let me put it another way...don´t drive. Although taxi´s and drivers are expensive, it´s worth it...if you don´t want to spend the money, the bus service is excellent, unfortunately a bit limited but Caribe Tours and Metro are bus companies which provide an excellent service for a super low price. 

Taxi´s from POP Airport to Kite Beach are generally $35us or 12oo pesos. The price is not so negotiable, but the drivers have no problem stopping at the Major Supermarket on the way to Kite Beach. Take your time and purchase what you want, buy a soda for the driver and perhaps a trip, but don´t feel pressure to hurry because there is no pressure.
Don´t change money at the airport or the restaurants. It is easy to change money at the Banks and Caribe Express, the exchange rate is much better and unless you got some cheap rental, you don´t have to worry about money getting stolen here on Kite Beach. If you opt for a cheap rental, plan on problems.
All the drinking water and ice comes from bottles. With that said, most people use the tap water to brush their teeth. Don´t do that...the North coast of the DR has so much water that, basically river water is running from the taps.
Late is great for kiting. The island heats up as the day passes, this air rises, cool trade winds replace the lifting air.  Good kiting action happens 2-7 daily.
Good surf happens in the am hours. Surf at sunrise.

Friday, February 7, 2014

24 hour wind for Kite Beach Cabarete may spell trouble

Wow, it´s been a good year for kiting Cabarete Kite Beach. We almost have 24 hour a day wind. This is because the Big Winter Storms which continue to pound North America are passing far North of Kite Beach Cabarete. Generally these Winter Storms would take a more North to South Movement, bringing Kite Beach Cabarete Big Northerly Swells, Rain and Lite Winds. Because the Storms  are moving rapidly West to East, Kite Beach Cabarete is getting wind all day and all night because:
1. The Bermuda High is not being Displaced
2. A Southerly is mixing with the Trades.

Because the Storms are so far North of Kite Beach Cabarete, the High Pressure System which brings us our winds ( Bermuda High) is not being displaced. The Southerly (wind before the front) mixes with the Trades to make for nearly 24 hour wind. This is good news for Kiters, but may spell big trouble for Kite Beach in  July and August of 2014. Strong Trade Winds help the sand migrate off kite beach and the North Swell brings Kite Beach Cabarete waves (and new Sand). These North Swells simply are not happening. Instead of having a 50 meter beach this time of year, we have a 15 meter beach. If this cycle continues, there will  be no Kite beach this summer, or a bigger ocean at Kite Beach depending on how you view it. Either way let's hope the storms slow down a bit and turn to the South!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Checking In at the Method Lodge

ahhh...Break fest in Manhattan, Dinner at the Method Lodge, Kite Beach Cabarete.
It´s an easy trip and the Method Lodge is on the Main Road in the Center of Kite Beach, 20 minutes from Puerto Plata Airport (POP) 

Fly in, take a left out of the airport, kite a bit and then enjoy a quality fresh Sea Food Dinner!
email us at to book your trip