Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lagoon Lounge

Tuesday is "Nature Night" at the Lagoon Lounge...stop by and check out the Fish, Turtles, Birds...grind on some mango, sugar cane and almonds fresh from the source. Enjoy some Noni Tea fire side...see you on Tuesdays!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Here is the "Big Picture" of what is happening at The Method Lodge. There is Kiteboarding, Paddle Boarding, Lagoon Excursions and Pre-Construction Condos available.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Method Lodge 1 Year Anniversary Special

Take advantage of our Special Anniversary offering to visit Kite beach. Room Rates start at $45usd and include a quality break fest which includes the freshest Island fruits, Coffee and Cacao (Hot Chocolate) as well as your choice of eggs.
- All Taxes are Included
- All rooms are on the beach side of Kite Beach
- Also includes a complimentary Paddle Boarding trip through the Kite Beach Lagoon
For more info contact us at methodlodge@gmail.com

We broke ground on the Method Lodge one year ago today. Construction on the Lagoon side (Pirate's Cove) of the property went much better than planned. Mainly because of the decades of experience Maui Builder Doyle Betsill brought to the project. A year later, we now have the following on the Lagoon Side:

  2. Eco-Lagoon villas > Eco villas on the lagoons edge with Solar power and a great view!
  3. Paddle Boarding Tours > WOW - Paddle Board spectacular Kite Beach Lagoon.
  4. Fishing > Great Family Action - guaranteed to catch fish.
  5. Plantation > Sugar Cane, Almonds, Sweet Potato, Bananas, Noni and much more.

Now it's time to move to the Ocean Side (Kite Beach) and begin the development there.
We are offering two types of Condominiums:
#1. Sleeps four, 1 Bedroom 2 bath 90sq meter (900 sq. ft) lock off unit, Ocean front, Launch-able Kite Beach unit. Three of these units remain available for sale - prices begin at $172,000. For more information contact methodlodge@gmail.com

#2. Sleeps 6, 2 bedroom, two bath, two kitchen lock off units. Ocean Front, Launch-able Kite beach, 120 sq meters ( 1320 sq feet). Seven units remain available for sale. Prices begin at $360,000. For more about these units contact us at methodlodge@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Floor Plan Building One

Here is the floor plan for the two bedroom unit, and below the floor plan for the one bedroom unit. There are two more onebedroom units available.